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Why Are So Many Golf Balls Out of Stock?  


There seems to be a drastic shortage of golf balls this season. What Golf Balls Direct chooses to accept for our multi-phase washing and ball recycling process is in short supply. Even the big brand names are running out of new stock due to delays and factory closings in 2020.

You might find that some other recycled sellers will have to lower their standards of what they sell in the different Grades just to make sales, but we won't. In fact, many people say our 4A grade are the same as some companies 5A grade. We're hoping this "bottleneck" will ease up a bit in the coming months.

In the meantime, check out the NEW golf ball stock we have in Nitro and Spalding! You can also sign up for email alerts when the products you want are back in stock...and then get them right away before they sell out again!

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