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Ball Grading
Golf Ball Grading
Golf Ball Grading

Golf Balls Direct utilizes a professionally designed and engineered golf ball cleaning system that is unmatched by any other Company in this business. Our cleaning system is based on chemistry and in no way alters the performance of the ball as it was produced by the original equipment manufacturer. As a Company, we strongly believe that refinishing, repainting, or re-applying a new topcoat greatly affects the integrity of the ball and flaws its performance.

Our Grading Descriptions

Grade AAAAA:
  • These balls will have the look and feel of a golf ball that has been hit just a few times
  • No scuffs or club marks
  • Balls may have standard player pen markings
  • Balls may contain team or corporate logos 

Grade AAAA:
  • Balls are in good condition
  • Balls may have abrasions or discoloration 
  • Balls may have blemishes
  • Balls  may have larger player pen markings 
  • Balls may contain team or corporate logos 
  • Balls may have a cosmetic imperfection that will not alter the flight path, distance, or trajectory of the ball 

Grade AAA:
  • Balls may have slightly more abrasions and larger scuff marks
  • Balls may have varied discoloration/tint
  • Balls may contain team or corporate logos and/or larger player pen markings
  • Balls may include imprints of 'X-Outs' or 'Practice' on them
  • Could be playable for higher handicap golfers

Grade AA:
  • Balls primarily for practice
  • No representation is made for coloration, scuffs or tint
  • May include team or corporate logos and/or player pen markings
  • Great for use in shag bag or in muddy conditions