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Welcome to the affiliate program information page.  is the worlds #1 internet site for used golf balls and you can be a part of our success.

Our affiliate program allows you to generate a solid income, and requires very little effort on your part. All you need is a website, a couple of very basic website skills, and about 10 minutes of your time.

Follow our simple sign up process which begins on this page. We'll review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. Once you're accepted you can log into your account with us, then click on the "My Account" button located at the top of our site navigation.

In the "My Account" portion of our site you'll be able to see a link to the affiliates section where you can download our authorized banners and find the link text (code) you'll need to make your banner link to our site in a way that lets us know visitors came from your site.

That's it, that's the whole shooting match! No lengthy sign up process, labor intensive installation packages, deposits, or other mess and fuss. Affiliates earn a 5% commission on all sales they bring in. And if your site turns out to be a particularly strong affiliate we have the flexability to up your earnings to up to 10%. Just complete our easy sign up, perform a quick bit of copy and paste work on your site, then sit back and watch the dollars roll in!

With any questions email Vic our Affiliate Program Administrator.

Here is an amazing idea of one of our affiliates.  He is the member of a Country Club with about 500 members.  He built a 1 page site, basically just a front page with our banner.  Each month about 200 of the members each spend close to $40.00.  His commission check is usually enough per month to cover his club dues, his food and bar tab.  What a deal !!!