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Golf Ball Grading System owns a top-of-the-line cleaning system designed to clean and restore each golf ball back to its original state. Our white glove cleaning policy ensures that all golf balls we receive undergo thorough cleaning without damage providing the highest quality golf balls to our customers. We use a customized ball washing process where all our golf balls soak in our proprietary cleaning solution.

After cleaning, our used golf balls are carefully sorted by brand, model and grade AAAAA, AAAA and AAA golf balls.

We only source the highest grade golf balls. The overall condition of a golf ball determines the grade/category of the golf ball and how we determine the very good balls from the excellent golf balls.

The top three grades of used golf balls are listed below. The grade and rank determine the quality of the used golf ball.

AAAAA/1st quality is the highest grade

AAAA/2nd quality is the second highest grade

AAA/3rd quality is the lowest quality grade

Our golf ball descriptions explain the condition of each grade golf ball and what you can expect as a consumer. Please read the listings below for a detailed description of our grading scale.

AAAAA/1st Quality

Excellent Condition The look and feel of this ball is similar to a new golf ball. This golf ball will appear to have little or no physical imperfections.

  • These balls will have the look and feel of a golf ball that has been hit just a few times
  • No scuffs or club marks
  • Ball may contain team or corporate logos and/or standard player pen markings

AAAA/2nd Quality

Very Good Condition The quality of this golf ball will be similar to a golf ball that has been used 2-3 holes. The look and feel may have slight discoloration and imperfections in some of the dimples.

  • Balls are in good condition
  • Balls may have abrasions or discoloration
  • Balls may have blemishes
  • Balls may have larger player pen markings
  • Balls may contain team or corporate logos
  • Balls may have a cosmetic imperfection that will not alter the flight path, distance, or trajectory of the ball

AAA/3rd Quality

Good Condition Our AAA used golf balls may have slight imperfections and scuff markings. The look and feel may appear to have minor discoloration and some printed balls may contain blemishes.

  • Balls may have slightly more abrasions and larger scuff marks
  • Balls may have varied discoloration/tint
  • Balls may contain team or corporate logos and/or larger player pen markings
  • Balls may include imprints of X-Outs or Practice on them
  • Could be playable for higher handicap golfers

Hitaways/Shag Balls

  • Balls primarily for practice
  • No representation is made for coloration, scuffs or tint
  • Balls may contain team or corporate logos and/or larger player pen markings
  • Great for use in a shag bag or muddy condition